diymask1 Modestep

The start

The band Modestep has had a specific Mask on sale that had been out of stock for long, which gave me the idea to design the Modestep DIY Mask: A a ready to print mask in an A4 sized PDF. Using a website, Facebook and Twitter to spread the word, the first photo appeared already a few days after launch. Many followed since and the Facebook page has received over 1000 Likes. Modestep included my work in their official marketing strategy, created a Facebook App for it and handed my masks out at their live concerts.

Social pages: FacebookTwitter

To view a collection of all the photos of people wearing the mask, please visit the Facebook album here.


After the success of the initial concept of the Modestep DIY Mask, I built an online tool where fans of the band could created their own Modestep DIY Masks by uploading their own images. (view)

Within the first 9 hours after I launched it, over 900 unique masks had already been created.

After an initial quick design, I later updated the whole website using WordPress as a base. The redesign combines the new tool with the original downloadable websites, making both available from one place. I also launched to serve as homepage that links off to the current and possibly future similar “do it yourself” projects.